A Good Old Fashioned Restaurant,
Owned and Operated by a Noodle Factory

Soba noodles beloved by children and adults alike.

Here in Senbon-Izumi near Nijō Castle, the land is rich in great quality water, just like its namesake.

Since its opening, the soba noodles here are made from quality well-water.

Healthy soba noodles can be enjoyed by everyone starting from children to seniors.

Soba noodles are made and served everyday.

Please enjoy the delicious tastes of freshly-made soba noodles.

Relax comfortably in the spacious Japanese-style interior.

Message to our Customers.

Do you know that soba noodles are “slurped” when eaten in Japan?

Although slurping is considered as an inappropriate manners in European and western countries, since about 300 years ago our country has a culture of enjoying

the aroma of soba noodles that is similar to wine. Of course, slurping is just a way of eating.What is preferable to the customer is what’s best.

Please enjoy your soba noodles as you feel fit.

We hope you would end up knowing a little bit more about Japanese culture.

About Daizen’s Commitments.

We use clean, good quality well-water.

Water is the foundation of soba noodles.

Delicious soba noodles are born here because Senbon-Izumi is flowing with clean tasting well-water

Feel and Enjoy the Essence of Japan.

The soba noodles of Daizen can be enjoyed by everyone

including the local residents and sightseeing visitors.

We hope our flavors will be memorable and

bring out a nostalgic feelings of Japan for our sightseeing visitors.

Healthy for your body and soul.

Soba noodles are full of nutritious grains

that are healthy for your body.

Effective in countering clogged arteries and high blood pressure.

One of Japan’s most prominent health foods.

A must for a soba noodle restaurant that serve rice bowls cuisines.

In addition to soba noodles, we offer tempura,

katsudon (pork cutlet rice bowl), fried chicken set menus, etc.

Made using the dashi broth for soba noodles.

Popular dish.

Please savor the fresh, homemade noodles.

Soba noodles are made everyday at the factory behind the restaurant.

Enjoy various soba noodle options that are delicious and freshly-made.

Recommended Soba Noodles

Tororo soba

Our No.1 popular dish to enjoy the umami of the dashi broth.


(cold soba served with a dipping sauce and tenpura) the classic deliciousness.

Baika udon

A popular dish since our opening to enjoy various flavors and textures.


Kake soba(Soba noodles in a hot soup.)
Zaru soba(Cold soba noodles on a bamboo colander with laver seaweed topping and a dipping sauce.)
Yamakake soba(Soba noodles in a hot soup with grated mountain yam, quail’s egg and laver seaweed.)
Tenzaru soba(Soba noodles in a hot soup on a bamboo colander with tempura.)
Meoto soba(Soba and Udon)
Hokkai soba
Daizen udon
Tamagotoji udon(Udon noodles in a hot soup with a simmered egg.)
Torinamba udon (Udon noodles in a hot soup with chicken and green onions.)
Curry udon(Inside Beef.)
Curry (Insaide chicken.)
Baika udon
Sima wakame udon (Insade Island seaweed.)
Kitsune udon(Udon noodles in a hot soup with deep-fried tofu.)
Tanuki udon (Udon noodles in a hot soup with crunchy pieces of fried tempura batter.)
Kamaage udon(Udon noodles straight from the pot and not soaked in cold water.)
Nabeyaki udon(Udon Noodle Hot Pot.)
※All menus, you can choose udon or soba ※Tax excluded

Recommended dish.

Yourou don

The dashi broth of the soba noodles are the secret to its deliciousness. The tender chicken and fluffy eggs pairs great with each other.

Rich-tasting Oyako-don (chicken and egg rice bowl).

Special Set Menu, served w/ mini-sized soba noodle

Rice, chirimenjako (boiled and dried baby sardines), spicy cod roe etc.

Uses tofu from a famous shop in Kyoto.

Tonkatsu teisyoku

Pork Cutlet Set Meal.

Large-sized, handmade tonkatsu (pork cutlet).

Flavor of freshly fried dishes.


Don(Rice Bowl)

Tamago don
Kitsune don
Konoha don
Yourou don
Katu don
Tentoji don
Unagi don

※You can change the soup to mini soba or udon(plus¥200)

Teisyoku (Set meal)

Zaru teisyoku
Soba teisyoku
Otanosimi teisyoku
Onigiri teisyoku
Baika teisyoku
Curry teisyoku
Karaage teisyoku
Tonkatsu teisyoku
Daizen teisyoku
Kamaage teisyoku

※Extra Udon,Soba,Rice(plus¥200)




Hiyashi udon
Miso nikomi udon
Daizen nabe


Shiro gohan
Kayaku gohan


Non-alcohol beer


Ice cream(vanilla)

About seating.

A Japanese-style environment decorated in antiques
The formal exterior may give an impression of luxury, but the restaurant is welcoming and frequently visited by families with children and students.

The spacious environment that seats 80 persons with tables and tatami floors are decorated with a variety of antiques that have been collected by previous ancestors of the restaurant.

Customers can enjoy an atmosphere of Japan that has been long lost to time.

Lunch is served between 11:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Please enjoy your time here as much as possible.

Dinner is served between 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. We also offer a Udon Noodle Sukiyaki course for banquets and various gatherings.
***kottouhinn is antique***
- Each individual items have its own varied stories from various times, please view them to feel a piece of history.

- Rare and valuable antique artworks and tools.

- View of the unique designs.

Shop Information.


Soba dokoro Daizen




403, Jyuyonken-cho, Senbondori-Demizusagaru, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto


【Lunch】 11:00~15:30
【Dinner】 17:00~20:00




2 minute walk from Senbon-Izumi.
15 minute walk from Nijō Station on the Tōzai Line.